My Gratitude Letter to my Mum

Dear Mum,

This is a letter to say thank you for being you. I am so grateful for so many things, but rarely take the time to tell you. So this Christmas I want to say “Thanks”.

Thank you for being the best mum I could ever have hoped for; a mum that supports me in all that I do and every decision I’ve made. Thank you for being a mum that inspires me to be a better mother to my own child/ren. Thank you for being a friend I can always rely on. Thank you for always giving me the truth when I need it. Thank you for always forgiving me when I stuff up. Thank you for being a fantastic Nana. Thank you for sharing your life lessons with me. Thank you for showing me how to stand up for myself and what I believe in.

Thank you for choosing T [mum’s husband]to be your partner and showing me what I should aspire to find in a man – this has been my most important lesson and when I compare previous partners to my own father – there were many similarities. However, in A [my partner] I see a lot of T – he’s compassionate and kind, he means well, he makes me laugh and he’s got a little bit of ‘kid’ in him that keeps him young and keeps me grounded.

Thank you for having the strength to make the choices you’ve made in life. You’re the person I learn most from, in doing what is right for me and therefore what will make me happiest. For all this (and more I cannot put into words), I thank you for the bottom of my heart.

Love always,




  1. This is without doubt the best Christmas present I have ever received.
    Thank you J – I could not be more proud of my you- you are a wonderful daughter and a fantastic mother. It was a joy to share the festive season with yourself and A.

  2. Jus this is just gorgeous. What a wonderful thing to do.

  3. this is great!!!!!!
    i feel that it comes from the bottom of your heart and this is already important!!!!! i love my mom too but i never thanked her for being there for me at any time, so i decided to right her a note too… thank you for writing such a letter!!!!

  4. this is the one who help me how to realize how mu mother is so important to us,,so mother cannot change with anyone else!!

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