I am on holidays at my mum’s – hence the lack of updates here. But I have been thinking about my 101 Things a lot and it’s hard to not start right now on it! I really want to finish number 001, so that I can share this blog with my mum. So that might be something I do today, I might buy some nice paper and sit in a corner of the yard, in the sun and scribble away.

I am thinking about whether or not I remove number 009… I contacted my father to find out if we could catch up over this christmas break as I will be driving through Sydney, where he and his wife and two children live. He’s not responded. Which I think it quite bizarre. I am going to ring him tomorrow to wish him a merry christmas, and so I am still giving him the benefit of the doubt in that he’s not received my email. hmmmm.

In other news, we have 265 people currently signed up to participate in 101 Things together from January 1st.

I am definitely going to finalise my list today and make a decision what things I will make a start on in the first week as most of that week I will be on a roadtrip with my partner. I’m getting excited.


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