I have kind of cheated…. slightly. Number 001 on my list got ticked off today, even though we’re over a week out from Day Zero. This is mainly because I thought it would be a great Christmas gift for my mum, so I did this today. I must admit it felt great to write and great to tick it off my list. I know it will make her cry tomorrow, but I also know it’s something she will treasure forever. I have just realised though that I want to write it on my blog though, for my own safe-keeping, so I may have to nab it off her tomorrow and post it here. Keep your eye out!

I will also admit that a few things that are regular to-do’s, I have diarised today – such as #23, #9 and #10. I am good with stuff when I diarise it – which is I guess why I want to ensure that I re-read and implement #76 as this had such a positive impact on my life for the few months I really stuck at it. As of January 1, the first 6 habits are back on my agenda!!

Merry Christmas to you all


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  1. Hehe, I also have one of those 101 things list….I planned not to finish them in 1001days because that would be nearly impossible to do.

    I’m just re-doing my blog and this list HAD to be on it. I love yours. There are such inspiring things on it. Could luck in achieving most of those things…

    Take care

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