Environmental 101

I am going to be continually revising my list of 101 Things before Jan 1, and I’ve just realised that other than #78 with my interaction with We Are What We Do, there isn’t enough on this list for me to achieve in terms of environmental goals. So my plan is to change this. Especially as I have just spent the last twenty minutes watching The Story of Stuff.

The Story of Stuff will take you on an “enlightening” tour of our consumer-driven culture—from resource extraction to iPod incineration—exposing the real costs of our use-it and lose-it approach to stuff.

I consider myself to be Buddhist (and I have also realised that I have not included anything on my list in terms of faith, so that too needs to be rectified), so living simply and being happier is what I should be striving for in my practice. However as I want my son to be able to choose his own faith, and the fact that my parents and my brother and my partner are all of Christian or Catholic upbringings and therefore they celebrate Christmas, I also get wrapped up in this consumer-driven holiday.

It’s so easy to forget my goal of living simply at this time of the year when the holiday shopping season is kicking into high gear. Perhaps instead of my goal of “making” everyone a Christmas present one year, perhaps I should suggest to all my friends that one year we have a “Recyclable Christmas” – take something that you don’t want anymore and pass it on to someone else. Do you think that might catch on?


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  1. Everything is connected to everything else

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