A bit of fun

I was reading through Oh No They Didn’t this morning and came across some delightful photos of our favourite rich white trash – Britney Spears. And just because my 101 Things list seems to be occupying an inordinate amount of my brain space at the moment, I found myself wondering…. what would Britney’s 101 Things list look like?

So I thought we could have a little fun and develop her 101 Things list in the comments section right here. Care to contribute?

Here is a little inspiration:




  1. 001. Take parenting classes

  2. 002. Photo ops of me with children.

  3. 003. Grow my own (real) hair back

  4. 004. Have sexual encounter in the privacy of my own bedroom. [As opposed to in pools where there are photogs everywhere.]

  5. 005. Buy a pair of pants. Or a skirt. Or a real dress. Anything that goes below my ass cheeks.

  6. 006. Return to my former glory so that Liz can sing “Toxic” on Singstar without shedding a wistful tear

  7. 007. Remember that I have two children: Sean Preston and whatshisname…


  9. 009. Show up for child custody hearings.

  10. 010. Hire a stylist, preferably one that has a clue

  11. 011. When out driving make a mental note of who was in the car with me when I stopped so I’m sure that everyone is back in the car with me when I leave.

  12. 012. Avoid Chapels in Vegas at all costs

  13. 013. Seek professional psychiatric help

  14. We can put a strike through #013! Britney must be reading this 101 List we are writing for her…

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