The Work Equation

Lately I have been doing a ridiculous number of hours for my corporate (supposedly 9 to 5) job. It’s impacting everything else in my life including the business I am trying to set up outside these hours, my relationships, my sleep, my attitude and my health.

When I was constructing my list of 101 Things, I had firmly placed in my mind that I wanted to achieve a better balance in my life. This is probably the main reason that Work is so far down the list. But I am honestly wondering how that is even possible with the levels of activity thrown at me in my corporate role and my inner need to do my best!

I know logically that work isn’t worth busting the rest of my life apart for, but…. maybe I was brainwashed as a child or something, or I have this innate need to please and seek approval, because by god I feel like I am a slave to this crap at the moment!


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